Time Saving Solutions

Your staff is scrambling to answer phones, get payroll done, manage benefits, and deal with standard HR tasks, the last thing they need is to have to answer a constant stream of requests for verification of employment, hunt down retired employees, data enter background screening orders into an online system or stay on top of mailing out adverse action letters. Depending on the numbers, your organization might be losing thousands of dollars of man-hours on these tedious tasks. Why not outsource and let KRESS help you save time and money?

  • KRESS Verify: Outsourced Verification Services

    If your staff is scrambling to answer phones, get payroll done, and deal with standard HR tasks, the last thing they need is answer a constant stream of requests for verification of employment. Depending on the numbers, your organization might be losing thousands of dollars of man-hours on these tedious tasks. Why not outsource?  Simply refer the caller to our toll-free number and let that lost effort turn into a positive gain for your organization. Turn your employment data into a revenue stream. KRESS provides free employment verification services to its clients and even returns up to 50% of the revenues from these verifications back to our clients.  KRESS Verify not only saves you time and money, it also limits liability in the case of inaccurate or inappropriate information being disseminated.

    • Save Time
    • Generate Revenue
    • Limit Liability
    • Maintain Total Control of the Release of the Data
    • Ensure Employee Data Protection
    • Ensure Dissemination Security
    • Enjoy Easy Data Transfer Process
    Revenue Sharing
    KRESS delivers exceptional value to businesses by providing information and data services that provide liability transfer and convenience. Once the employee data is uploaded and verified, the information is merged into our system so that verifiers can access the data in an easy-to-use, secure manner. Before we provide the information KRESS collects payment from the entity requesting verification. The sum we charge is up to you.  Depending on the number of active employees your organization currently employs, KRESS provides a portion of that fee to your organization on a monthly basis.

    It’s a Win-Win!
    The employer revenue is returned on a monthly basis with a statement indicating the number of verifications performed, the employee’s name, and the identity of the party requesting the verification.  KRESS does the work, you save the time and make money off the process.  Contact us today to turn your employment data into revenue.

  • Address History Search

     KRESS can provide you with current address information, as well as death index information from the Social Security Administration, through a standard social security trace.  As a standalone service, this information proves especially helpful when employers are required to maintain communication with retired or former employees for various benefits, tax and financial reporting. 

  • Invite the Applicant

    One of the most commonly falsified pieces of information is an applicant’s employment and education history.  Outsourcing this information eliminates one of the most time consuming aspects of a human resource professional’s job.  But if you order online, you could find yourself wondering “Wasn’t this supposed to save me time?”  This is one of those times when it’s necessary to consider whether technology is actually being leveraged to your advantage or to the background checking company’s advantage.  That’s why KRESS developed the “Invite the Applicant” feature.

    Improve Your Process
    Invite the Applicant allows you order background checks online by data entering just a few lines of information on each applicant and clicking a button that initiates an email link to be sent to the perspective applicant(s) and invites them to log into our secure system and fill out all of their personal information themselves.  This feature has many benefits:

    • Reduces your work and allows you move on to other priorities
    • Ensures accuracy because the information is data entered directly from the source
    • Keeps you from having to act as a translator between KRESS and the applicant
    • Improves the applicant’s satisfaction because they feel they are a part of the process
    • Improves your image because the applicants know their privacy is a priority to you
    • Increases turnaround time because of the improved accuracy and direct connection to the applicant
    • Makes it easier to initiate the Adverse Information Letter if a candidate is disqualified due to information collected and reported by KRESS

    KRESS goes directly to past employers and educational institutions to retrieve the information from reliable, documented sources.  KRESS follows the law and your company’s preferences, ensuring privacy and consistency in your screening policy.

    • KRESS researchers enter notes in real-time, as they occur
    • KRESS keeps copies of every document acquired through the verification process
    • KRESS policies ensure the source of information is reliable
    • KRESS ensures the privacy of your applicant at all times
    • KRESS employs advanced data security practices because security and privacy are top priorities

    Technology That Works For You When you invite the applicant, you leverage KRESS and technology to your advantage.  This is more than just efficient technology, this truly saves you time and improves the entire screening process for you and your candidates.

  • KRESS Adverse Actions

     Let KRESS make it easy to stay in compliance with adverse action notices.  We can customize your adverse action letters, process both of them for you, and keep copies connected to the background check for reporting.  With the click of a mouse, you can easily process one of the most commonly missed steps, show your due diligence and satisfy FCRA.