Getting Started

There’s a reason why so many organizations trust KRESS with their screening programs.  Our consultative approach offers customized packages, ordering and delivery methods to simplify your hiring process, maintain continuity and compliance in your organization, and maximize the transfer of liability in your screening process.

Step One

Choosing the right services for your business generally depends on your policy (if one already exists), industry, location, type of positions you employ, and any specific liability needs you may have.  The first step is speaking to one of our representatives to get a better idea of what you want and need.

Step Two

Once you have a good idea of what services you would like, then we need to consider how you would like to order these services and how would like to receive the completed background check

• Order/Receive by fax, email, online, XML integration
• KRESS offers a variety of routing options for your reports, so that the information can be disseminated to you and/or your team members in the most efficient method possible.
• KRESS has completely customizable multi-tiered security built into our system, allowing for multiple locations, security levels and billing procedures. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Whether you have one location or hundreds across the nation, KRESS is the answer.

Step Three

Signing up is a snap.  Simply fill out the set-up paperwork and we will quickly verify your business to comply with federal laws, and set up your account.  KRESS has no set up fees, minimum monthly usage levels or contracts.  Once your account is set up you can begin ordering background checks right away.