One of the most commonly falsified pieces of information is an applicant’s employment and education history.  Outsourcing this information eliminates one of the most time consuming aspects of a human resource professional’s job.  But if you order online, you could find yourself wondering “Wasn’t this supposed to save me time?”  This is one of those times when it’s necessary to consider whether technology is actually being leveraged to your advantage or to the background checking company’s advantage.  That’s why KRESS developed the “Invite the Applicant” feature.

Improve Your Process

Invite the Applicant allows you order background checks online by data entering just a few lines of information on each applicant and clicking a button that initiates an email link to be sent to the perspective applicant(s) and invites them to log into our secure system and fill out all of their personal information themselves.  This feature has many benefits:

  • Reduces your work and allows you move on to other priorities
  • Ensures accuracy because the information is data entered directly from the source
  • Keeps you from having to act as a translator between KRESS and the applicant
  • Improves the applicant’s satisfaction because they feel they are a part of the process
  • Improves your image because the applicants know their privacy is a priority to you
  • Increases turnaround time because of the improved accuracy and direct connection to the applicant
  • Makes it easier to initiate the Adverse Information Letter if a candidate is disqualified due to information collected and reported by KRESS

KRESS goes directly to past employers and educational institutions to retrieve the information from reliable, documented sources.  KRESS follows the law and your company’s preferences, ensuring privacy and consistency in your screening policy.

  • KRESS researchers enter notes in real-time, as they occur
  • KRESS keeps copies of every document acquired through the verification process
  • KRESS policies ensure the source of information is reliable
  • KRESS ensures the privacy of your applicant at all times
  • KRESS employs advanced data security practices because security and privacy are top priorities

Technology that Works for You

When you invite the applicant, you leverage KRESS and technology to your advantage.  This is more than just efficient technology, this truly saves you time and improves the entire screening process for you and your candidates.