More Information = Better Decisions.

That’s not just our motto, it’s a fact.  Your business is only as strong as your weakest link and if that weak link is a bad hire it can cost your business in;

  • lost clients
  • loss of reputation
  • expensive turnover
  • decline of corporate culture
  • potential lawsuits

Negligent hiring can seriously damage your organization. Performing backgrounds checks limits your liability and helps ensure the quality of your staff and the future of your organization.

Get the Facts Before you Hire

Background checks can easily be added to your interviewing or selection process.  Ordering is customizable for each client via fax, email, online, XML or third party integration.  Turnaround time can take as little as just a few minutes for nationwide or statewide criminal searches in the U.S. and services start as low as a few dollars per search.  KRESS provides safe, dependable information at every price point.

There are five things to consider when venturing into Background Screening;


Start With The End In Mind

What would you like to know about your potential hires?

• Is the resume accurate?  You might consider Employment, Education, References and Professional Certifications Verifications to ensure the accuracy of the applicant’s credentials.  Roughly 30% of all discrepancies found pertain to the applicant’s credentials.  These discrepancies range from simple date exaggerations to outright fraudulent degrees from universities that don’t exist.

  • How’s their driving record?  You might want to look at a Motor Vehicle Report for driving violations, suspended licenses, driving under the influence and patterns of irresponsible behavior behind the wheel, especially if the position will be driving during the scope of their daily work.
  • Can they be trusted?  You may want to run Civil Searches to look for a variety of lawsuits, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, automobile injury, wrongful discharge, discrimination, fraud, theft and sexual harassment.  The Civil Search is one of the most overlooked and valuable searches for employers.  An example of a civil suit that we would report is theft committed against a previous employer. Often, it is not prosecuted in criminal court but rather litigated in a civil court because the employer seeks to recover monetary damages.
  • Have they had any criminal convictions?  You might want to search county, national, federal and state level criminal records for past criminal behavior as well as current warrants and pending cases.  The County Criminal Search is the most common search performed in a background check and when performed in conjunction with a Social Security Trace and layered with state and national level searches, will uncover alias names and additional jurisdictions that need to be searched, providing the most thorough criminal search available.

 Each search renders specific information that may or may not be of value to you when making your hiring decision.  KRESS believes in earning and keeping your business based on providing the necessary scope of search at the best price we can offer.  Understanding your needs now and adapting to your needs as they change, helps us deliver the best overall value to our customers.


Explore Your Staff

Are there any positions that require different information to make a good hiring choice?

  • Positions in accounting, executives or positions with access to large amounts of assets might require the civil search because there is liability that needs to be addressed in their scope of employment.
  • If you have professional drivers it’s easy to see that you would need a Driving History but you might also consider it in sales personnel, district managers and other positions that must drive to fulfill their duties.
  • Any position that requires a degree should consider an Education Verification to ensure that qualification has truly been achieved.  Roughly 30% of resumes contain discrepancies in the education section.
  • Reference checks are a wonderful tool to utilize in positions or departments trying to improve on a high turnover rate.  The “why’s” of termination are often not disclosed due to company policy when verifying previous employment, but reference checks can reveal what employment verifications do not. 


Are there any screening services that should be performed company wide, regardless of positions?

  • E-Verify keeps you in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. It is the only way to truly verify the legal status of the candidate and their identification documents.  KRESS was the chosen provider of the Social Security Administration and The Department of Homeland Security for the Basic Pilot Program which is now evolved to become the E-Verify program.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing helps maintain risk management, ensure safety, reduce absenteeism, accidents, employee turnover and workplace violence.  In many industries like oil and gas, healthcare or transportation it is required to maintain compliance.  But all employers benefit from having a substance abuse policy in effect.
  • According to U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics there are presently more than 700,000 registered sex offenders residing in communities across the United States.  The recidivism rate for sex crimes is      four times higher than any other criminal offenses.  To protect your staff, clients and your organization as a whole you should always run your candidate through the Sex Offender Registry to help reduce risk of workplace violence and prospective negligent hiring or retention lawsuits. Specifically, any position within the Education, Home Service, Healthcare, and Non-Profit industries should pre-screen their employees against the Sex Offender Registry.

By considering each positions liability and requirements KRESS can help you develop a screening program that is both consistent and effective.  You can customize your packages with names that refer to the position, location, department or any other identifier that will make it easy to order the coordinating services every time.



Consider Your Industry

Are there industry specific options you need to stay in compliance?

KRESS is a preferred vendor for ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, The Port of Houston Authority and may other organizations where compliance is essential.  We are well versed in compliance issues of every industry.  We have developed web-based solutions to assist with compliance issues;

  • Both DOT and non-DOT testing
  • Emailed reminders at customized schedules to notify you when a re-screen is necessary
  • Free consortiums for smaller companies to access better savings while meeting drug and alcohol testing standards
  • Randomized drug testing programs with total visibility and customization
  • paperless, electronic chain-of-custody forms that enable online scheduling, tracking and managing of drug screenings
  • No sign up fees
  • No contracts
  • No inspections fees
  • Customizable scope of search for the number of years required on a background check
  • Reporting to satisfy all compliance issues

With KRESS you will save time and money with the peace of mind that you are hiring the best for your company while easily remaining in compliance.


Do you work with an Applicant Tracking System, Talent Management or HRIS?

If you are tired of manual data entry or transferring information from one system to another, let KRESS help you streamline the process.  KRESS integrates with any Applicant Tracking System, Talent Management and, or HRIS that is able to use XML or CSV data transfers.  This integration can provide many benefits to your organization and improve your efficiency.  High volumes and multiple locations become less of a challenge with integration and automation.

  • Streamline your hiring process
  • Eliminate data entry during the ordering process
  • Increase the accuracy of your reports
  • Select applicants individually or in groups for efficiency
  • Screen your applicants in a layered sequence for cost savings
  • Monitor the process with step-by-step updates available for each applicant throughout background checking and drug screening process
  • Customize your report routing options
  • Increase security of sensitive information
  • Store your screening records electronically
  • Move your organization towards  becoming eco-friendly by “going green”

KRESS will work with your team and your desired technology platform to create a custom integration that fits your unique screening needs.  This is technology at its best.


Look at the Scope

Do you have multiple locations or employees in different states?

Do you have one corporate office, four regional managers and twenty six locations all in different states?  This is no problem for KRESS.  Our platform provides unmatched functionality and flexibility in ordering reports, retrieving results and managing your screening process allowing you customized control of the sensitive information through every step of the process.

  • Customizable security levels allowing specific limitations on ordering, receiving and viewing the background checks
  • Differentiators for clear reports and reports containing criminal records or adverse information
  • Designated access to one location, multiple locations or all locations.
  • Completely customized billing options for every configuration imaginable.

Are your screening standards compromised when hiring candidates who have lived or reside outside of the United States or multiple states within the United States?

KRESS has over twenty-three years of experience with the laws and terminology of different states, provinces and countries.  KRESS was one of a select few screening providers for the Basic Pilot Program to work with the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security because of our reputation and skill at protecting confidential information across states and international borders.

  • All international searches are performed in accordance with the European Union and Global Information Exchange privacy rights.
  • KRESS follows proper local protocols in each country searched
  • International Criminal Record Searches in over 200 countries
  • Education and Employment Verifications
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control/Terrorist Watch List Searches

International Downloads

KRESS has experience and quality that is unprecedented in our industry.  We have the proven ability to handle all of your screening needs, locally and around the world.  KRESS offers scalable solutions customized to meet your exact needs with accurate, timely information and outstanding customer service.  Contact us today to see why KRESS has been a preferred choice in the employment screening since 1990.