There are myriad reasons why people choose us for their background checks and pre-employment screening, but we’ve identified the top four reasons here.  KRESS Employment Screenings has the Value you want, the speed you need, the customer service you love and the accuracy you can’t live without.

Reason One: Value

The quality and detail of information is unprecedented in the industry.

What if you have an applicant who grew up in Miami, went to college in Houston and got his first job in Dallas? Now, he’s moving to Atlanta so his wife can be closer to her family. He also worked in Tallahassee during summer break each year he was in college. How much would all those background searches cost with your current vendor? With our essential criminal package, all the counties, statewide indexes, federal courts and sex offender registries where the applicant has resided for the past seven years will be searched for a fraction of the cost.

Reason Two: Speed

You need candidate information now, and we deliver. We balance speed and accuracy.

We understand the fast-paced nature of the HR industry. More importantly, we also appreciate the need for complete and thorough results for pre-employment screening. Our services, reports and dissemination are all customized to meet your needs.

Reason Three: Personalized Customer Service

Our customer service is uniquely personal.

We do not use voicemail or automated answering systems during business hours. We provide assistance with compliance issues for adverse actions, or if you prefer, we can handle the adverse action procedures, communications and correspondence for you.

Reason Four: Accuracy

We deliver accurate information every time.

Unlike some competitors, we do not rely entirely on public Internet databases for the results we supply. We deliver accurate information, every time. Every pre-employment screening assignment is a combination of automated searches and thorough fact checking aided by our nationwide network of researchers who cover every county, state and federal court in the U.S.

If you prefer a paperless process, we have a web-enabled, online ordering system. We also offer web-based, real-time 24-hour access to the status of your order. Technology doesn’t always serve your best interests, but we do—each and every time.