At KRESS Employment Screening, our goal is quite simple—to maintain long-term relationships that give our customers a real competitive advantage, and most of all, peace of mind. We believe the success of your business is directly linked to the quality of your staff. To continually ensure that quality, KRESS empowers you to make hiring decisions with unbiased, factual and timely information.

Quick Facts

  • Established in 1990
  • Licensed by The Texas Department of Public Safety & Private Security Bureau (A06712)
  • Online ordering system
  • Web-enabled status checks 24/7
  • Customized & industry specific packages
  • A chosen provider of the Social Security Administration and The Department of Homeland Security for the E-Verify program
  • No sign-up fees, no monthly minimums
  • Most results within 24-48 hours


Our Staff

We are committed to the selection, training, support and continuing development of our employees in order to deliver superior services to our customers. We strive to instill in our employees a clear understanding of our business and the critical nature of the information we manage. Personal initiative in seeking information and the conscientious exercise of judgment in the delivery of products and services is continually recognized and rewarded.

Our Standards

In an industry with few standards, we pride ourselves on uncompromising ethical practices for the retrieval and dissemination of accurate applicant information compiled from public and non-public sources. Integrity and quality of information retrieval are the foundation on which we create value for our customers.

Our Service

Our strength and growth comes from customer retention and the development of products and services that focus on your needs, knowing full well that technology alone does not always serve those needs best. While we employ applicable state-of-the-art technologies to gather and distribute products in order to enhance your productivity, we are always committed to providing personalized customer service.

Our Implementation

We will work as your partner at every point in the process to ensure that your transition to our services runs smoothly. Our team works to understand the big picture as well as the specific screening, training and support needs of your organization.

Upon implementation, you will be assigned a dedicated customer service team. The customer service team will be available to manage technical, set-up and ongoing service requirements.